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The Challenge

Cambodia is grappling with critical challenges in its education and workforce. The country, home to about 17 million people, 60% within the working age, faces high school dropout rates and a notable disparity in skills among its workers. Despite having over 9 million people in its labor force, a significant number of Cambodian youths are unable to finish secondary education, primarily due to financial issues at home. Only approximately 58% of young individuals complete lower secondary schooling, which restricts the availability of skilled labor needed for the nation's changing economic demands.

This lack of educational attainment has direct repercussions on Cambodia's job market, resulting in a substantial skills shortage. Employers often struggle to find sufficiently trained staff for upper and middle-level roles, leading to a reliance on foreign workers for specialized and skilled positions. The problem is compounded by the sparse and hard-to-access quality training programs throughout the country. As a result, a large segment of the workforce is unprepared educationally and skill-wise for their roles, adversely affecting worker efficiency and the overall economic advancement of Cambodia. Research indicates that foreign firms investing in developing nations like Cambodia look for a workforce that is both cost-effective and skilled. Hence, elevating the skills of the youth is vital for both local employment and attracting foreign investments. Additionally, in Cambodia, where human trafficking is a serious concern, improved education and skill levels are crucial. Lower levels of education and skills heighten vulnerability to exploitation, highlighting the need for education and skill development to bolster individual empowerment against such dangers.

The Royal Government of Cambodia recognizes these issues and is proactively working to bridge these gaps through a comprehensive skills development plan and the improvement of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs. However, the task is daunting and requires continuous, intensified, and broadened educational investments for strategic workforce development. In this context, the role of public and private TVET institutions, universities, NGOs focused on training, and sector-specific training initiatives becomes critical. These entities are key to providing the population with vital lifelong learning skills and ensuring the Cambodian workforce can adapt to the ever-changing demands of a dynamic job market.

Source: USAID

The Approach

Majesty International employs a comprehensive and nuanced approach in fostering the social and economic resilience of Cambodian youth, particularly attuned to the complexities inherent in engaging with developing nations. Our strategy is grounded on a principle of empowerment rather than dependency, recognizing that sustainable development is best achieved through cultivating self-sufficiency and autonomy within the communities we serve.

Our organization is guided by two foundational ethos that shape our purpose and approach. Our Vision Statement:

"Our vision is to equip generations of Khmer people to build social resiliency and become sustainable in their livelihoods through education and language learning.”

And our Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to inspire and disciple the young people of Cambodia to both realize and actualize their full potential and encourage them to forge something great within themselves and as a community. We believe that individual growth and self-efficacy will build more resilient community welfare, human rights, strengthened sovereignty, and reduce vulnerability to human trafficking.

At the heart of our strategy are our Core Tenets: Support local individuals, sustain existing successful local programing, and strengthen community businesses and individuals.

Finally, our strategy is focused through our Priorities. These are specific goals we've identified as crucial for the long-term achievement of our vision. These Priorities are not just about addressing immediate needs but are about laying a solid foundation for future growth and resilience in Cambodia.

Core Tenets

Supporting Local Individuals

We are committed to empowering Cambodian youth by providing access to alternative language learning and trades-based education. Recognizing the diverse talents and needs of our community, we believe in the power of practical and linguistic skills to open doors to new opportunities.

Our initiative focuses on delivering tailored education in trades alongside of critically needed language learning, equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive in a global economy.

We understand that by fostering these skills, we are not only aiding personal development but also contributing to the socio-economic growth of the community. This approach ensures that individuals are not just recipients of aid, but active participants in shaping their futures and the future of Cambodia.

Sustain Existing Programming

We are dedicated to bolstering the impact of existing programs within the Cambodian community by offering vital, yet often hard-to-access, support services.

We understand that the sustainability of many valuable initiatives hinges on access to essential resources and professional expertise. To address this, our organization extends a range of specialized support services including a suite of professional services encompassing legal counsel, business consulting, graphic and branding design, IT support, and visa assistance and hopefully we will grow to offer significantly more services.

By providing these critical resources, we aim to enhance the operational capacity and effectiveness of local organizations, enabling them to focus on their core mission without the burden of logistical constraints. This strategic support not only empowers these organizations to sustain and expand their programs but also ensures a collaborative approach to community development and capacity building in Cambodia.

Strengthen the Community 

We are committed to fortifying the Cambodian community by not only supporting individual projects but also through strategic acquisitions of local businesses. Our approach involves a dual strategy: Firstly, we provide targeted support to individual projects that demonstrate potential for significant community impact. This includes offering resources, expertise, and guidance to ensure these projects achieve their objectives and contribute meaningfully to community development.

Secondly, we actively pursue the acquisition of local businesses that align with our vision of promoting trades-based education and effective business management. By integrating these businesses into our operational framework, we aim to create dynamic learning environments where practical skills in trade and commerce can be cultivated. This initiative serves a dual purpose: it provides a platform for hands-on, experiential learning, and simultaneously ensures that these businesses continue to contribute economically and socially to the community.

In additional to the acquisition of local businesses, we focus on training Khmer locals to manage and lead these acquired businesses. Our long-term vision encompasses nurturing a network of local entrepreneurs equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully operate their own ventures. This initiative is designed to transform these businesses into effective training grounds, where practical business management skills are imparted directly through hands-on experience.

Our aim is to cultivate a cadre of skilled, confident business leaders within the Cambodian community, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. Ultimately, our objective is to see dozens of these businesses flourishing under the adept stewardship of Khmer individuals, each becoming a cornerstone for training and inspiring future generations of successful business owners in Cambodia.

Through this comprehensive approach, we seek to not just bolster individual projects but to create a sustainable ecosystem where education, business, and community development intersect. Our goal is to nurture a thriving environment where Cambodians can learn, work, and grow, strengthening the community's overall resilience and prosperity.

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